Purpose Built Ventures

building companies that matter

We invest at the earliest stages in companies working to make people healthier or wealthier.

What We Do

We work with driven founders to help build pre/seed companies by providing capital, advice and connections.

We invest in software companies or tech-enabled businesses in two key areas and occasionally outside them:
-Health - how can we improve outcomes in healthcare? Examples include digital health, tech-enabled health services or health IT.
-Economic Opportunity - how can individuals or household improve their economic situation? Examples include fintech, future of work, housing and job on-ramps.

Generally we do not invest in companies focused on hardware, consumer packaged goods, or wellness.

We invest at the seed stage and earlier. We have been the first outside investor in companies and prefer to be part of the first few million a company is raising. We will invest $25,000 to $250,000.

Portfolio (current and prior funds)
-Atlas Health
-Brightside Health
-Civic Eagle
-Dieta Health
-Fair Square Medicare
-Fig Loans
-Funding University
-Jumpstart Filings
-Notable Health
-Patchd Medical
-Rupa Health
-Vincere Health
-Well Beam

Here are some of the reasons to work with Purpose Built Ventures:
-Founder Experience: We are led by a three-time founder including mission-driven companies that raised venture capital.
-Experience with Scale: Miles has grown a business to IPO and 100s of employees.
-Founder Friendly: We take the founder perspective naturally and see our role as supporting you.
-Flexibility: We invest across the seed stage and comfortable with different investment or corporate forms.
-Hands on Help (if you want it): see a list of examples of how we can help)
-Strong Co-Investor Network: multiple times we have introduced companies to their next lead investor.

In the words of one of our founders:
"Miles is an ideal investor for a start-up founder because he brings equal parts empathy and objectivity. His feedback and advice are clear-eyed, never sugar coated. He also listens - really listens - and because of this he offers insightful observations and makes laser-focused introductions. He clearly values and understands the unique kind of human who is crazy and passionate enough to start a company."
-Jeannie Tarkenton Founder & CEO, Funding U

And another one:
"Miles is a thought partner in a way only another entrepreneur can be. As an investor he respects my vision and execution, yet helps me level up by bringing his network and creative enthusiasm to the challenges we discuss." -Nate Founder/CEO of PharmaCCX

And another: "With most investors, you are promised the world before the deal closes, and get very little after. With Miles, it's the complete opposite. We were blown away by how much value Miles added after he became one of our seed investors. Whether business model, team and culture, or sales and customer support, he asks the right questions, and gives tactical advice grounded in his experience building a public company." -Jenny Xia Spradling, Founder & Co-CEO, FreeWill

"Being an entrepreneur turned investor, Miles has been the go to person for our team from founding through scaling. He’s always found the right balance between being supportive of ideas, helping with customer and investor connections and bringing healthy criticism for challenges he foresees down the road. In short, he’s helped us be better in every interaction. Miles is who you want to have by your side as you build your company. " -
Pranay Kapadia, Founder & CEO Notable Health

The Team

Miles (Founding Partner) is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. He founded Higher One and helped scale it to over $200mil in revenue and public offering. As founder of SeeClickFix and OneUni, he has experience with mission-driven startups. At Yale, he started the Y50k business plan competition, instigated the accelerator for student ventures and served on the selection committee. He also co-created and taught the popular Yale business school course on managing software development. He has invested in and advised dozens of companies at the earliest stages.

Miles writes about the patterns and mental models in startups and VC at Venture Patterns. And he hosts the podcast Startups for Good.

More about Miles at his website and on LinkedIn.

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